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Rachel Blank graduated from New York University with a Master's in Cinema Studies in the Winter of 2011.  She graduated summa cum laude from Towson University in 2010 where she 
double-majored in film studies and theatre studies.

-Senior Account Manager, Local Television (NE) (June 2015 - Present)

-Integrated Media Account Executive (July 2012-Jun)

Luxottica: Sunglass Hut
-Sales Executive from (May 2010-August 2010 and May 2012-July 2012)

Magnolia Pictures
-Marketing and Publicity Intern (August 2011-December 2011)

New Yorker Films
-Intern (May 2011-August 2011)

Loki Films
-Production Assistant/Intern (September 2010-May 2010)
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Lincoln Center
The Social Aspects of Rachel Blank

In a world where speed is key, Rachel's efficiency is a much needed change.